Cat neutering scheme in Wales

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We're running a cat neutering scheme across Wales, working in partnership with Cats Protection. Under the scheme you can get your pet cat neutered and microchipped for just £5.

You should qualify for help if:

  • you receive a state benefit,
  • you're on a low household income
  • you're a full time student or pensioner
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To get your cat neutered as part of this campaign please  go to your nearest vet listed on the below map, or call 03000 121212 and choose option two. 

The campaign only covers the cost of the neutering operation and microchip insertion any extra costs will need to be covered by the owner.

Zoom in and out and click on the pins for the contact details of your nearest vets. 

Download the Cat Neutering - Wales Promotional Posters

Protect him - get him snipped and chipped

Give her the freedom to enjoy life - have her spayed and chipped

Feral cats

The campaign only covers pet cats and stray cats (where exhaustive efforts have been made to find an owner).

If you have a feral cat, they can't be neutered using the campaign. Please call Cats Protection Neutering Helpline directly on 03000 121212 and select option two and they'll be able to advise you on what help they can offer. You may be referred to your local branch.

This phone number is charged at local rates.

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