Live transport

We believe:

    Pigs on a lorry © Andrew Forsyth/RSPCA Photolibrary
  • live transportation must be kept to a minimum
  • animals should be slaughtered close to the farms where they were reared
  • long-distance transportation of livestock for slaughter should be replaced with a 'meat carcass-only' trade
  • during transport, higher welfare standards should be used and the animals looked after by competent and caring staff.

We are working in a number of different ways to improve the conditions in which all animals are transported. 

If animal welfare is not a priority during live transport, there can be a high risk of animal suffering.

  • Handling during loading onto and unloading from vehicles can be stressful.
  • During transport animals may be faced with strange sights, movements, noises, smells and unfamiliar animals. 
  • Heat stress, lack of good ventilation and long periods without food, water or rest can add to welfare problems.

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