Video shows man trying to kill or injure pigeon

Video shows man trying to kill or injure pigeon

A video clip posted on social media revealed a young man throwing a full bottle of water hard at a pigeon in an attempt to kill or injure it. The attack was deliberate and "for laughs".

There were other men present who were laughing and in the video, with one heard saying "go on". The man misses the pigeon on his first attempt but hits him on the second. The bird had been sitting on a window ledge, but the heavy impact knocked the pigeon to the pavement where he flapped frantically as the bird struggled to regain his balance. When he did finally stand up, he doesn't appear to be able to do so normally as he sat back on his legs, not just his feet, and appeared to lean back and to the side. It was clear that the bird was injured.

It's unknown what happened to the pigeon but having been injured it's highly likely his injury got worse and died as a consequence. The man left the bird animal with blatant disregard for his welfare and the group of men are heard to continue laughing as they left the bird where he fell.

The man wanted attention on social media

The footage was uploaded onto social media for a wider circle to watch and comment upon. A conversation thread showed the man and his friends revelling in the attention the clip brought.

The man only cooperated with our investigation when the police got involved. When interviewed the man admitted it was one of the stupidest things he had done. He made no attempt to explain himself other than he was drunk and didn't seem to feel sorry for his behaviour.  

Actions against the Wildlife and Countryside Act 1981

The man was summonsed with attempting to intentionally kill or injure a wild bird contrary to the Wildlife and Countryside Act 1981. It was heard that he was heavily intoxicated and couldn't remember committing the offence. Magistrates ordered the man to pay £184 fine and £300 costs.

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