10 'random acts of kindness' you can do for animals any day of the year

10 'random acts of kindness' you can do for animals any day of the year

Today we're celebrating Random Acts of Kindness Day, and this year we're focusing on the ways in which we can all share some kindness with our furry and scaly friends. Friends who might just need some extra kindness the most!

No matter how big or small, kindness is always appreciated by our planet's animals (no matter how big or small the animal!). Here are 10 ways you can get involved in celebrating Random Acts of Kindness Day:

1. Pick up a little extra litter

Picking up litter when you see it not only helps save animals from getting tangles and suffering as a result - it also helps keep our planet tidy! Whether you pick up a little on your lunch break or go a step further and sign up the Great British Spring Clean - you have the power to make a real difference.

2. Volunteer dog walking (or volunteer anything!)

There are so many ways that you can volunteer for animals. From being a dog walker to a home visitor, charity shop assistant or volunteer driver - there are so many ways in which you can make a real change to the lives of animals in need.

3. Make your pet (or a friend's pet!) a tasty treat

If you have a pet in your home, why not treat them today to a special treat such as some DIY guinea pig sushi? I'm sure they will be a happy recipient to your act of kindness! You can check out our YouTube channel for yummy pet food inspo...

4. Make your garden wildlife-friendly in time for spring

Why not celebrate Random Acts of Kindness Day in your own back garden! There are lots of funny little ways in which you can make your garden more wildlife-friendly, from feeding birds to building a hedgehog house. Why not check out our interactive infographic to discover all of the other ways you can help your local wildlife (it's fun, I promise!).

5. Adopt a rescue animal

Are you maybe looking to bring a pet into your home? Adopting a rescue animal is one of the most rewarding ways in which you can help animals! Remember we have a whole bunch of different animals looking from love, including farm animals and exotics! Why not meet some of our ready-to-be-loved animals? You never know who you might fall in love with!

6. Foster an animal in need

If adopting a rescue animal isn't an option right now or not something that you can commit to, have you considered fostering an animal in our care? We have lots of animals who need extra care and attention in helping prepare them for their forever home? During the spring and summer months, we have lots of baby kittens who need regular feeding before they can be officially rehomed. Do you think you could foster an animal in need?

7. Register your dog as a therapy dog

Sometimes our animals can spread kindness for us! Therapy animals in hospitals can have an incredibly positive influence and make a real difference to someone who needs kindness more than ever.

8. Help spread the word of animal welfare online

Spreading kindness can be as easy as a click! We have so much animal welfare advice, tips and ideas all with improving the lives of animals in mind! If you find content that you think your friends could be interested in, please share on your social channels and spread the word! You can join our newsletter to keep up-to-date on all our new stories.

9. Sponsor an animal and change a life

One way of showing kindness to animals in by sponsoring one of our dog kennels or cat pods. It costs around £670,000 to run one of our centres for a year and our animals rely on the kindness of humans to keep them fed, warm, healthy and happy. Sponsor from as little as £1.50 a week.

10. Have fun and FUNdraise!

Whether it's wild swims, baking, marathon or hiking mountains - there are so many different ways that you can raise money for animals in need. Find out what fundraising activity might tickle your fancy!

Of course, you can donate all year round, and the animals in our care would love to give a big thank you to all of the kind humans who show they care!

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