Teacher Training

Teacher Training

Our Teacher Training sessions show teachers how to educate primary school children about animals and their welfare needs.

We want to make sure every child leaves formal education knowing about the importance of kindness to animals. By helping children learn animal welfare at an early age we can give them the tools and understanding to become, and raise, a more compassionate generation. 

Children in schools today will be the consumers, voters, and politicians and decision makers of the future. We urgently need to help our teachers raise a society of well-adjusted citizens with high levels of empathy, compassion and emotional intelligence.

- David Allen, RSPCA, Head of Prevention and Education

What we've done so far

At present, our Initial Teacher Training project is able to support 15 university projects, reaching more than 3,000 student teachers who will be able to influence more than 90,000 children. We're also taking this opportunity to recruit volunteer school speakers among the undergraduates and PGCE students we meet.

What we can achieve with your support

Our dedicated teachers website includes videos, interactive content and more than 60 lesson plans and other downloadable activities. With your support, we can invest much more into shaping children's attitudes and behaviour towards animals.

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