Special Editions

Special Editions

Special editions logo © Special editions

For over a decade Special Editions have been helping to support our work by producing a range of seasonal cards. Special Editions are the charity Christmas card division of UK Greetings.

The cards are available in a variety of formats, from boxed, hand-finished cards and bumper packs through to single design cello packs.

Special editions cards © RSPCA

The back of each card includes our logo and a message highlighting the work we do rescuing, rehabilitating and rehoming injured, sick or neglected animals.

Where to buy

  • Stockists of the RSPCA range include department stores such as Fenwick, Beale's and Harrods, as well as high street and independent card and gift shops, garden centres, and a number of online outlets.

We have been partners with the RSPCA for over a decade and are delighted to be able to continue that partnership. As one of the UK's most successful greeting cards producers we believe we can make a significant and lasting contribution to the RSPCA's valuable work.

Jonathan Glover, Special Editions

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