We're appealing for help to fund surgery for broken hearted kitten

We're appealing for help to fund surgery for broken hearted kitten

Samsung the cat sitting on the floor © RSPCA

The RSPCA is raising funds for life-saving surgery for a young kitten with a serious heart condition.

Samsung, a 17-week-old black and white kitten who came into RSPCA care at just one week old, was sadly diagnosed with a life threatening heart condition.

A routine vet check found that he had a high grade heart murmur which turned out to be Patent Ductus Arteriosus (PDA), a heart defect which develops at birth. This means his heart does not pump blood correctly so surgery is vital to correct this.

Samsung came into the RSPCA Mid-Norfolk and North Suffolk branch in November 2019 with his mother and littermates after their owner could no longer cope. Samsung¿s mum and siblings have all since been rehomed.

Chloe Shorten, animal welfare manager, said:

Samsung is a happy and friendly kitten but sadly his condition means he wouldn't make it past six-months-old without vital surgery. The risky procedure closes part of the heart to allow the blood to flow correctly. Our vets decided they couldn't wait any longer to fix Samsung's broken heart so he had the surgery on Tuesday (10 March) and thankfully he has come round from the operation and is doing well, so much so in fact that the vets are finding it hard to keep him still!

We are hopeful that with this surgery Samsung will have a long and happy life ahead of him. The operation is estimated to cost around £3,000 and with his aftercare, this could be in the region of £4,000 which is why we are appealing to our generous supporters to help us raise vital funds for Samsung's surgery and care.
Support our RSPCA Mid-Norfolk and North Suffolk branch for Samsung's care.