Paws 4 Change

Paws 4 Change

Paws 4 Change matches young people suffering from low self-esteem, or having problems with impulse control, with a rescue dog chosen specifically for them.

Under the guidance of a behaviour and welfare specialist, they'll be tasked with training and caring for their new canine companion. The healing results, as they bond with their rescue dog, is astounding and can be heartwarming to see. 


Last year, we matched a very quiet, introverted boy who'd had bad experiences with authority, with a dog who had simply 'shut down' after years of isolation and unkindness. By the end of the first day, the boy was chatting cheerfully, and by the end of the course, the dog had unlocked too - enjoying an agility course and begging for treats. Both of them benefited so much.

- Becca Williams, RSPCA Manager, Leybourne animal centre

What we've done so far

Paws 4 Change was launched 10 years ago and has now expanded to run in our four animal centres. In this time we've helped around 200 young people and dogs with consistently positive results.

What we can achieve with your support

Your support we can expand this innovative project so it runs in all of our animal centres across England and Wales, and transform so many more lives.

In time this will create ripples of change that will spread across society, helping to create a generation of kind and empathetic people who really understand the importance of compassion for animals.

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