Our donors and supporters

Our donors and supporters

If you wish to support us by making a donation, registering to fundraise for us, joining our sponsorship scheme or signing up to an event or our Home for Life scheme, we will collect your name and contact details as a minimum.

Where appropriate, we may also ask for your date of birth and your motivation or personal experience for supporting us. We will use the information you provide to give you the services, products or information you asked for, tailor communications  to you, to administer your donation including processing gift aid, to send you a thank you letter, to support your fundraising or manage your marketing preferences.

We may also send you administrative communications, for example confirming a direct debit instruction when you have made a donation to us.

Online donations and payments

To make an online donation or payment by direct debit or payment card, you will be directed to a payment gateway which uses security features and encryption to ensure your data remains safe.

We offer the use of PayPal and ApplePay for some of our products and services, and have payment gateways operated on behalf of and under contract to us by service providers. Further information about the collection and use of your data will be provided on the relevant payment gateway for you.

If you enter your details into one of our online forms and you don¿t ¿send¿ or ¿submit¿ the form we may contact you to see if we can help you with any problems you may be experiencing with the form or our website.

Donating through Applepay

Apple transfers your payment data to Stripe Payments Europe Ltd, which processes your donation on behalf of the RSPCA. Stripe will use, retain and disclose your personal and credit card details for this purpose and as set out in their privacy policy: https://stripe.com/gb/privacy, including transferring your data outside of the European Economic Area. Where such transfer occurs, RSPCA ensures your data is adequately protected under UK data protection law.

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