Five minutes with... Kate Lawler

Five minutes with... Kate Lawler


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We interviewed Virgin Radio presenter Kate Lawler to talk all about her pets at Christmas!

Kate Lawler with her dog Baxter

Q. What pets do you have?

A. I have two dogs, Baxter a border terrier who I've had for almost eight years and Shirley, a terrier cross who is a rescue, and I've had her seven weeks.

Q. Can you tell us a funny story about one of your pets?

A. Shirley's favourite place to sit is on Baxter's head. Luckily he doesn't mind¿

And Baxter has a bad habit of peeing on peoples rucksacks in the park! The most recent was in the summer and I didn't catch him in time. Luckily he walked past a couple very much in love, laying on a picnic blanket kissing. They didn't see him cock his leg and pee on their cool bag. We both ran away very quickly.

Q. Do you include your pet in your Christmas celebrations?

A. Of course. Baxter gets a new toy every Christmas and so will Shirley. Every year Baxter has had his own miniature, pet friendly, version of a Christmas dinner. The same goes for this year with Shirley. We love taking them for a morning walk on Christmas Day too!

Q. Have you ever made treats for your pet to eat?

A. Not at Christmas, but I did bake Baxter an edible birthday cake a couple of years ago.

Q. Have you ever made an advent calendar for your pet?

A. No, but thanks for giving me this great idea.

Q. Do you buy a special Christmas present for your pet and wrap it up?

A. Yes. It's nearly always squeaky tennis balls. One year my boyfriend bought a pack of 20 tennis balls which Baxter unwrapped and didn't know what to do with them all when they fell out of the wrapping.

Q. Do you get a present from your pet at Christmas (who buys it for your pet)?

A. We do actually buy each other presents from our pet. Usually, it's something sentimental like a framed photo of us with the dog.

Q. Do you pet-proof your home at Christmas so the tree is protected and also if you have lots of guests visiting?

A. We don't have to really because Baxter is scared of baubles but, ask me next year as it wouldn't surprise me if Shirley tears down the tree and eats the decorations.

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