Kindness at Christmas

Kindness at Christmas

Christmas at an animal centre

Christmas day is (nearly) the same as any other day at our animal centres! In our video you can see what Christmas is really like for our staff, volunteers and of course, animals...

Half of pets owners spent more on their pet than a colleague last Christmas.

A loving home for Christmas

After struggling with poor Christmas' in the past, these three amazing animals are now all looking forward to a much better festive season this year.

Incredible transformation of El dumped at Christmas

El the dog with no fur after rescue

The tiny puppy was found abandoned last Christmas, with terribly sore skin and almost completely bald. El has now been adopted by Antony and Karl and this year, the little crossbreed - whose coat has now fully grown back - is looking forward to a very different Christmas! From shivering in the woods to curled up in front of the fire.

Deaf dog learns sign language - and finds new home!

Deaf puppy lying on sofa

Puppy, Ivor, had five homes before reaching us. His owners hadn't been able to cope with him, not realising that he was deaf. Our dedicated staff set about teaching him to respond to hand signals instead of voice commands and he quickly picked up the basics! It didn't take long for him to find new owners and steal their hearts.

Abandoned Mum and kittens will be warm this Christmas

Black and white cat in cat pod

Four kittens and their mum - Rudolph, Cupid, Dancer, Prancer and Blitzen - were found abandoned just before Christmas. After being rescued they were taken to our animal hospital to warm up and be checked over. Mum was just one or two years of age, still a baby herself. They're all now in loving homes looking forward to a warm Christmas!

Graphic of a turkey dinner

Did you know?

Festive food is delicious to us but to our pets much of it is highly toxic and dangerous.


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