RSPCA investigates after injured and underweight dog found in Dewsbury 

RSPCA investigates after injured and underweight dog found in Dewsbury 

The two-year-old American Bulldog's tail and ear were split.

The RSPCA is appealing for help tracing the owner of an American Bulldog that was found straying in a poor body condition in Dewsbury.

The neglected two-year-old male was covered in pressure sores and wounds that had scabbed over. His tail and an ear were also split and he was very underweight when he was picked up by a member of the public in Queen Street in the Ravensthorpe district of the town on the evening of Sunday, September 11.

A check of the dog's microchip failed to locate the owner, who the RSPCA would like to talk to about the animal's injuries.

The cuts on the dog's tail and ear are often found on dogs used in organised fighting, and although that may not be the cause of them in this case, the dog's health is a clear sign of neglect.

The bulldog was taken to a Huddersfield-based vet, where he's responded well to treatment.

RSPCA inspector Adam Dickinson said:

He was covered in sores and scars and one of his legs was swelling up. The sores were all over his body and it's thought they could be the result of him being kept on a concrete surface all the time.

As far as the wounds he's suffered, the vets are not sure whether he may have been used for fighting, but he's certainly in a state of neglect. We need to trace his owner to see what has happened to him.

The dog was microchipped to an address in Stevenage, but the details appear to be out of date.

Meanwhile, the dog will remain at the vet while he continues to receive treatment for his leg infection. He's been put on a course of antibiotics and his tail and ear have been patched up.

The inspector added:

When he's fully recovered a nurse at the vet's practice is considering fostering him in the short term.

He's a really friendly dog who loves to play and it was so sad seeing the condition he'd been left in. He was 15 kilos underweight, which is significant for such a big dog. You could feel his ribs and there was no muscle on him at all.

We'd appreciate any information we can get as it's unclear how he came to be in this area. The person who found him had never seen a bulldog like this in the area before and he did try knocking on nearby properties to see if he could find the owner, but without any joy.

Anyone with any information is asked to ring the RSPCA appeals line number on 0300 123 8018.

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