Stallion rescued after getting stuck on gate!

Stallion rescued after getting stuck on gate!

A stallion who was desperate to reach his neigh-bours got himself in an embarrassing spot after getting stuck straddling a gate!

Walkers spotted the skewbald horse stuck on the metal gate - with his front end one side and his back legs the other - on Tuesday afternoon (10 August) and contacted us for help.

Inspector Tina Nash went to the scene, at an RSPB nature reserve in Rochester, Kent, to help the stricken horse. She said:

The horse, a stallion, was trying to get to the mares on the other side of the gate and obviously thought he could clear the 4ft gate. But it seems this lovely lad isn't the greatest showjumper and got himself stuck halfway!

She added: "If he'd have spent a little more time looking and investigating, he'd have realised that he could have walked along the fenceline a little further, he could have just trotted around to see his lady friends!"

Horse stuck on gate © RSPCATina was concerned about how to free him without him injuring himself or panicking and injuring any of his rescuers so she called for assistance from Kent Fire and Rescue Service. She added: "A wonderful crew fitted straps underneath and carefully winched him up and off of the gate and back onto all four hooves."

The poor stallion needed pain relief from the vet who was on the scene and was later seen by vets for some injuries he sustained but, thankfully, is expected to make a full recovery.

A Kent Fire and Rescue Service spokeswoman said: "Kent Fire and Rescue Service was called at around 14:41 to rescue a horse on Mead Wall near Rochester on 10 August. One fire engine, along with the animal rescue unit, was sent to the scene. Crews used specialist equipment to lift the horse off a metal gate.
"Animal rescue emergencies are as important as any other for Kent Fire and Rescue Service. The Animal Rescue Unit is made up of specially trained firefighters, who have a passion for helping all creatures great and small."