RSPCA launch appeal after poorly kitten abandoned in a BUCKET

RSPCA launch appeal after poorly kitten abandoned in a BUCKET

The RSPCA is appealing for information after a kitten was found dumped in a clear-lidded bucket in Chiswick, London. 

A male kitten was discovered abandoned in a bucket on Sutton Court Road, in Chiswick on Wednesday 18 January by a member of the public. 

RSPCA inspector Dale Grant said:

A member of the public came across a plastic bucket containing a kitten on her way home from work. Alongside the kitten, she also found a bag with kitty litter, a blanket, food and cat toys inside - so she took the kitten home. 

The lady, not wanting to leave the kitten home on his own whilst she went to work the next day, kindly took him with her and called us to pick him up. When I arrived, he was snuggled up and sleeping on a stack of carpet samples. 

He is approximately 10 weeks old and had a terribly infected right eye - it appeared to be ulcerated and was so swollen you couldn’t see his eyeball. He must have been in horrible pain with it, poor thing.

Times are tough right now and vet bills are a source of huge worry for many people. However, we urge anyone struggling with caring for an animal to reach out for help. No matter how tough things are, abandoning pets like this is irresponsible and cruel.

The RSPCA has sadly seen a 24% increase in reports of animal abandonment this winter, whilst the charity's Animal Kindness Index found that 28% of owners are worried about not being able to care for their pets. 

Pet owners can find a range of practical help and advice on the RSPCA’s cost of living hub. The charity has also launched a dedicated cost-of-living phone line - 0300 123 0650 - for those looking for support. 

The kitten has now been renamed Talisker and is under veterinary care at Finsbury Park Animal Hospital

Dale added:

Talisker has been a huge hit with the nurses at Finsbury Park Animal Hospital, he has really stolen all of our hearts. Sadly Talisker might lose his eye as a result of the infection, but he’s in good hands and being well looked after. 

If anyone recognises Talisker or has any useful information they can ring the RSPCA confidentially on 0300 123 8018, as we are eager to find out who abandoned him

Help protect animals from the cost of living crisis this winter by joining the RSPCA’s Winter Rescue.