Old Spot pig Boris is looking for a home to call his own

Old Spot pig Boris is looking for a home to call his own

A handsome Mr Pig is looking for a loving new home with special sows to call his own.

Boris was rescued as a stray from East Anglia in summer 2018 by our officers and was taken in by a private boarding yard as we had no space at any of our centres with facilities for farm animals.

In October, after 713 days with his temporary carers, Boris made the 250-mile journey to our West Hatch Animal Centre, in Somerset, to begin his search for a loving new home.

Our spokesperson said:

"We only have a limited number of centres with space to take care of farm animals like Boris so we often use private boarders to help take care of them while we wait for a space to become available.

Boris the pig © RSPCA

"Boris made quite an impression on his carers and they were very sad to see him go, but really pleased that he was off to find a loving new home."

Our farm animal welfare officer Phil Lewis drove Boris the seven-hour journey from Norfolk to Somerset - with a stop overnight to break up the long journey for the 270kg Gloucestershire Old Spot. 

Gentle pig Boris is looking for a home with the ladies

After spending a few weeks settling in at his new temporary home, Boris is now looking for a new forever home with some female pigs for company.

Bel Deering, our West Hatch manager, said:

Boris is a lovely, gentle boy who enjoyed spending time with his pony pals in boarding. He's a real character and really deserves a forever home where he'll make a wonderful companion.

The team here will be looking for a new home for him to share with one or more sows. A pair of pigs need access to a securely fenced half-acre paddock with an area of hard standing, a wallow, and at least one solid shelter. Larger groups will require more space and access to multiple shelters and watering points.

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