Lockdown song hopes to raise money for the RSPCA this Christmas

Lockdown song hopes to raise money for the RSPCA this Christmas

An animal lover from Somerset is releasing a Christmas tune in a bid to raise money for us.

Listen to It's Christmas Time by Bob Westlake

Bob Westlake from Wellington in Somerset decided to return to playing and writing music during the lockdown and recorded a brand new Christmas song called 'It's Christmas Time' with the lyrics provided by his friend Geoff Paice.

The song has been released today on over 150 platforms including Spotify, iTunes, Amazon and TikTok and all proceeds will be donated to us to help our work to rescue and care for animals in need.

Bob, 68, said:

I've always been passionate about animal welfare but the lockdown has really accentuated that, as lots of people have found their pets such a source of comfort and company during the lockdown. It saddens me to know that there are animals that have been mistreated during that time which is why the work of the RSPCA is absolutely vital.

I'm an animal lover and have four cats myself who seemed to adopt me when I was living in France in September 2015. I came across a very skinny cat and started to feed her. Unbeknownst to me, she had several kittens hiding in the barn which she led me to after a few days. They moved in with me and to cut a long story short I had them microchipped and got passports and they came to the UK permanently with me in October 2019.

Retirement has given Bib a chance to get back into music

Bob has always loved music and has been playing the guitar since his early teens but with family life and a full time job, it wasn't until he retired and the lockdown starting in March, that it gave him an opportunity to return to music. Bob spent 30 years working in the utility, electricity and gas business before becoming an antique dealer specialising in Art Deco.

It's fantastic that modern technology means good quality recording can be achieved at home with a laptop.

He explained:

I've written and performed the song with lyrics supplied by a friend, Geoff Paice. We wanted to write a song that is both traditional but also a little bit of fun to lift the lockdown spirits. I really hope it will give people a smile in these difficult times and that kind and generous people will be able to support this song and the RSPCA.

Download It's Christmas Time on iTunes

An extra challenging Xmas ahead

We're bracing itself for its toughest Christmas yet after last Christmas Day was the busiest in six years with 950 calls coming through to our cruelty line. This year, we fear that the financial strain of the Coronavirus pandemic could mean that people struggle to care for their pets and lead to a rise in abandonment and neglect.

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For more information on our work or to donate look at our Join the Christmas Rescue campaign.