Jail and lifetime ban for man caught on camera beating his dog

Jail and lifetime ban for man caught on camera beating his dog

A man from Hull has been banned from keeping animals for life after Elevator CCTV caught the moment he attacked his lurcher.

He pleaded guilty to causing unnecessary suffering, an offence under the Animal Welfare Act and was sentenced to 16 weeks imprisonment after what magistrates described as a 'horrendous attack'.

Caught on camera

CCTV captured the moment the dog, called Tyson, entered a lift being followed by the man who was brandishing what looked like a metal pole. He proceeded to lash out at Tyson who was cornered in the lift. A vet reviewing the footage said: "I have little doubt that the dog was in fact forcefully struck multiple times".

Police rescued the male lurcher type dog from the location and took him to RSPCA Hull and East Riding Branch. Our inspector, Jilly Dickinson, took Tyson to a veterinary practice to be examined. Tyson was quiet and calm and did not show any signs of aggression even when his wounds were being examined.

Tyson's injuries

Vets found he had a large graze on his rear right leg, a cut under his right eye and two broken teeth. X-rays revealed he had also sustained a broken jaw which required stabilising with screws. His broken teeth were removed and he was given only soft food for the following six weeks to allow his fractured jaw to heal. The vet concluded the injuries Tyson sustained caused him significant unnecessary pain.

During the sentencing hearing, magistrates commented it was a horrendous attack and an appalling incident.

Settling into his new loving home

Goose after careTyson spent nine weeks recovering from his ordeal at the RSPCA's York, Harrogate and District Branch until he was ready to find a loving new home. His new owner, who has renamed him Goose says:

"Goose is still learning his new home but settling in well. His favourite things include going on walks where he can sniff a lot of new smells, cuddling up on the sofa on film night, having lots of toys to play with and doing a lot of sleeping - usually on the softest piece of furniture he can find!"