Horrendous suspected badger baiting injuries on dog found in Painscastle

Horrendous suspected badger baiting injuries on dog found in Painscastle

Fig the dog with his facial injuriesHorrendous injuries found on a dog caused by suspected badger baiting have been described by an RSPCA inspector as the "one of the worst" he has seen in his 20 year role as an animal rescuer. 

The patterdale terrier type dog - who has been named Fig - was taken into a vets in Hay-on-Wye by a member of the public on Wednesday 14 October, after he wandered into a yard at Painscastle.

We were immediately called and RSPCA Inspector Keith Hogben was assigned the case.

Keith said:

When he was found he was covered in mud and was extremely thirsty. The yard owners took the dog straight to the vets due to his horrific injuries who then called us.

This poor dog is one of the worst I have seen in my 20-plus years with the RSPCA. His lower jaw is injured badly and he has nasal injuries. It's just a horrendous sight. 

He's the friendliest dog going and we really hope he's going to be okay. He may have to lose some teeth but hopefully his wounds will heal well and he'll be much better soon following his ordeal.

He's the friendliest dog going

It's suspected that someone would have set this dog onto a badger - which sady would have also likely experienced serious injuries.

Badger baiting is where a dog is sent into a sett to flush out the badger and attack it for the handler to then dig the badger out and kill it or take it away for it to be killed at a later date.

Keith said:

Fig is now in the care of the RSPCA and we're now hoping to find out what exactly happened and track down his owner. Someone must know who he belongs to. Unfortunately he was not microchipped. 

If you can help us with any information please call us on 0300 123 8018, in strictest confidence of course. Any little bit of information could help. The local police force are aware of this matter and are also taking it seriously.

Animal suffering like this will not be tolerated.

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