null A Christmas Carol - happy festive ending for kitten saved from 'death's door'

A Christmas Carol - happy festive ending for kitten saved from 'death's door'

A Persian cross kitten will be settling into her new home this Christmas after a "miraculous" recovery in our care.

The tiny tricolour kitten - initially nicknamed Carol by our officers - was one of 13 cats we rescued after being found in "appalling" conditions at a property in Treorchy.

Things didn't look good for Carol the Cat

Carol the cat © RSPCA

Sadly, the prospects of a happy Christmas for Carol were initially very grim. She was struggling with very bad cat flu, had a severe head tilt, was thin and repeatedly circled.

Carol also had an untreated middle ear infection and - upon examination - had a polyp, or non-cancerous tumour, in her ear canal. It was feared the "happy and affectionate" cat may need to be put to sleep - but our officers and independent vets decided to proceed with a specialist operation to remove the polyp.

A happy new home for Christmas

Fortunately, Carol will enjoy a happy first Christmas after a remarkable recovery - and she's settling into her new home in Abercynon in South Wales with her owner Ms Jackson, who has named the kitten Molly.

Ms Jackson said:

I'm so grateful to Inspector Cooper - who truly put her heart and soul into saving this kitten, who I've now named Molly.

She worked so hard to secure her operation and give Molly a second chance of forever home happiness.

Molly is recovering so well - she's the happiest little companion; who now has long fur, is incredibly playful and has a real zest for life.

Her circling has decreased a lot, and she loves playing with her toys and clearly has such a bright, fun-filled future. I am so pleased I could give her a new home for Christmas. Life already wouldn't be the same without her here - she's such a happy and affectionate little thing.

A miraculous comeback

Our inspector Gemma Cooper added:

"Carol - now Molly - was one of 13 cats we rescued from appalling conditions in Treorchy - and initially her prospects were really bad. Sadly, vets felt she might be on death's door.

"It felt like the more we looked at Carol, the more problems we found. She had terrible flu, a severe head tilt and wouldn't stop circling. She also had a nasty ear infection and, troublingly, had a polyp in her ear canal.

"We thought she may need to be put to sleep due to the extent of her health - but she was such a happy cat, and we knew a good quality of life was possible if a specialist procedure proved successful.

Carol has now been renamed Molly © RSPCA

"Fortunately, the operation was a complete success and the staff at Maes Glas vets in Brackla were absolutely fantastic. It's all been miraculous - in all my years at the RSPCA, I've rarely seen a comeback like this. She's well on the road to recovery and - in this most difficult 2020 - is the happy news we all needed this Christmas."

Some of the other cats rescued went to our Llys Nini centre in Penllergaer, while others went into the care of Cats Protection.

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