Fox rescued after becoming trapped in shop storage room

Fox rescued after becoming trapped in shop storage room

A startled London shop owner contacted the RSPCA after discovering a fox in their storage room on January 8.

Whilst on the hunt for January discounts, the adult vixen got more than she bargained for when she became trapped in the House of Essentials storage room in Peckham. 

Concerned shop owners sounded the alarm to the RSPCA after the fox had spent most of the day inside the store.

RSPCA inspector Harriet Daliday said:

CCTV footage showed the fox entering the storage room first thing in the morning, but when she failed to emerge later in the day, the shop owners became concerned and called us to help at 2:30 pm. 

We are still completely baffled by how she got in there in the first place! She had managed to wriggle her way into a tiny gap under some boxes, making her difficult to find in the full storage room.

The poor girl was absolutely terrified when we got to her, and she was really wedged beneath a stack of boxes. I had to get right down onto the floor to help her get free. 

We had to be extra careful because the shop owners had expressed concerns she may have an injured back leg, but once we got her out we could see she was sprite and uninjured.

Fortunately, the rescue was a success, and the RSPCA was able to return the fox to the wild soon afterwards.

Harriet added:

I released her into a nearby quiet side street with a lovely green space. We aim to release animals as close to where they are found as possible, so they know where they are and can get back home.

She was a lively girl and happy to be free. It’s a lovely moment when you can release an animal back to safety.

Kamran Raza, a spokesperson for House of Essentials, added:

We were very surprised to find the fox in our storage room! The RSPCA were brilliant, and we were so pleased they were able to help rescue and release the fox back to safety.

The RSPCA urges people to take care around wild animals, to keep a safe distance and to report any concerns to the charity’s emergency line. 

Wild animals can bite or scratch when frightened, especially if they are injured or sick. The RSPCA always asks members of the public to call for help if needed.

Anyone concerned about the welfare of an animal should call 0300 1234 999. Find out more about how to help injured wildlife here.

Help the RSPCA continue their work to rescue, rehabilitate and rehome animals in desperate need of care.