RSPCA appeal to find person who dumped two kittens in a Asda carrier bag which was put in a bin

RSPCA appeal to find person who dumped two kittens in a Asda carrier bag which was put in a bin

Two terrified kittens were dumped in an Asda carrier bag and placed in a public bin in Hull - which has prompted an RSPCA investigation.

Two kittens found dumpedThe kittens were found when a couple were passing a bin in Kesteven Way in Kingswood, Hull, when they heard frightened cries at 7.30pm on Sunday, July 4.

Luke Hewick and partner Lauren Hartley went to investigate and when they opened up the carrier bag - which also had another tied bag inside - they found the terrified kittens. 

The pair took the shivering and wet kittens home and reported the matter to the RSPCA. 

They also fell in love with the cute felines and have now rehomed the pets themselves and have called them Roscoe and Cooper.

Luke said:

We had just gone for a walk and we wouldn't normally go down that way but Lauren said we should just for a change.

We had stopped nearby to stroke a friendly cat and then carried on walking when we heard some little miaow cries so I thought the cat had followed us. I turned around and couldn't see anything and then Lauren said the sound was coming from around the bin.

Then she saw the bag inside the bin move so I tentatively put my hand in and pulled out the Asda Bag for Life.

I untied it and there was another bag tied up inside - then I opened this and found the terrified kittens.

They were shaking and scared and soaking wet. I am not sure if it was because of the storm which we had before we found them or if they were wet from breathing in the bag.

I ran home to get some towels and we wrapped them up,  took them home and called the RSPCA. We were happy to keep them for the night and look after them but they soon won us over and we have decided to keep them ourselves.

We have only had them a few days but their playful personalities are already coming out.

Don't know how anyone could have done this to them

Bin the kittens were found inLuke said the kittens, aged about eight weeks-old, are now doing really well and loving life at their house where they are enjoying playing and cuddling.

He said:

"They are really cute  - I just don't know how anyone could have done this to them - they would have suffocated slowly in that bag and it was just a chance that we happened to find them.

"I think it was fate that we walked that way and came across the kittens and that we were destined to keep them. 

"But I would like to help find the person responsible for such a sickening act of cruelty."

Animal rescuer, inspector Natlie HIll is now appealing for help to find the person responsible for this "callous" act.

She said:

This is appalling  and whoever is responsible must be callous to discard two kittens in a bag and throw them away like rubbish.

If it wasn't for Luke and Lauren luckily finding them they would have suffered a lingering and terrifying death.

I am just hoping someone may have seen something suspicious and will help me with my investigation. I think the kittens will have been placed in the bin, between Kilcoy Drive and Bowmont Way, shortly before they were found at around 7.30pm.

I am also appealing to see if anyone knows of anyone who had any kittens like these recently but are no longer in possession of them.

Anyone with information should call the RSPCA appeals line on 0300 123 8018.  

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