Dog saved after being stabbed

Dog saved after being stabbed

A dog's life was saved after he was stabbed in the head and throat during an attack at his home.

Five-year-old Staffie Boy was 'stabbed repeatedly' during an attack at his home, in Kent. He was left with a large slash wound on his head and extending around his neck after a group of men entered the property on 6 January.

Boy was stabbed © RSPCARescuer Rosie Russon was called to the property by Kent Police to help Boy. She said: "Poor Boy had been stabbed repeatedly and was left with a huge gaping wound on the side of his head extending across the throat. He was incredibly lucky to be alive.

"I rushed him to a local emergency vet and provided £500 towards his urgent treatment. The following day he was transferred to his practice where he underwent four hours of life-saving surgery to stitch his head back together."

Boy is now back with his family where he's recovering well. His owner said:

We are so grateful to the RSPCA for helping Boy, we honestly thought we'd lost our best friend and we're so relieved to have him home.

Rosie added: "I am so thrilled to hear that Boy is healing well from the attack and surgery. He still has stitches and has to wear a cone but is doing amazingly well considering he could have lost his life. His owner said he is now nervous around strange men and she's going to try to help him gain his confidence again.

"I am so pleased we were able to be there to help Boy and his family at an extremely frightening and traumatic time. That's what the RSPCA is all about; helping the animals - and the people - who need us the most."