Dog found tied at a bus stop with broken leg is on the road to recovery

Dog found tied at a bus stop with broken leg is on the road to recovery

A young lurcher dog who was left tied to a lamp post with a broken leg is being cared for by us following his operation and is starting to recover well.

Steve the stray at our Leybourne Animal Centre © RSPCA

Steve the Stray, as he's been affectionately named by staff, was found by a member of the public at Boulevard Courrieres, Elm Road bus stop, in Canterbury on 3 October.

He was taken to a local vet for treatment by the Dogs Trust and was then later transferred into our care and moved to Harmsworth Animal Hospital for an operation to his front leg where two plates were fixed to his break.

Starting to make a strong recovery

Vets at the hospital successfully repaired his broken leg and he was then taken to our Leybourne Animal Centre for strict rest.

Laura Bowbrick, our kennel supervisor at Leybourne, said:

Steve is making steady progress. It was quite intensive surgery so it will take some time to heal and his leg is still a little swollen.

He's been on strict rest but is now allowed out for short walks.

He's a rather shy dog but is coming on leaps and bounds and is much more confident around the staff at the centre now than he was when he first came to us. He's already a firm favourite with all the team at Leybourne!

It takes dedicated people to rehabilitate animals

Appealing for information last month, our inspector Grace Harris-Bridge, said:

Poor Steve was in a huge amount of pain from his broken leg and was just left alone tied to a bus stop. It's absolutely heartbreaking to think someone just discarded him when he was so in need of help.

So many people have been involved in Steve's recovery and we'd like to thank everyone who has played a part in making sure he was brought to safety.

My colleagues at Harmsworth Animal Hospital have also done an incredible job repairing his leg and treating him - I understand at times he wasn't the best patient and understandably seemed very scared and anxious by everything happening. However happily now he's had his operation and doing very well and is actually a real sweetie.

Call us with further information

We're still investigating and anyone with information is asked to call us on 0300 123 8018.

Steve the stray © RSPCA

We're keen to speak to anyone who may know who had owned Steve and had left him alone at the bus stop.

Steve is around one to two years old, a fawn and tan colour and was not neutered and didn't have a microchip.

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