Dog beaten with a colander bounces back to health and happiness

Dog beaten with a colander bounces back to health and happiness

A terrier dog who was beaten and left bleeding by his former owners has bounced back to health and happiness after he was rescued and rehabilitated by the RSPCA.

Max after being rescuedTerrier cross Max was plucked to safety by the charity's animal rescuers and police when he was discovered with severe injuries at his former home in North Yorkshire. 

RSPCA inspectors were called to help the little white terrier after one of his owners was overheard bragging in the pub that the little dog had been beaten and there was 'blood everywhere'. 

Rescuers found Max cowering - huddled in a corner, severely injured and covered in blood. Nearby was a bloodstained metal colander and an axe. 

Max had to rebuild his shattered confidence

Vets later found burns and wounds on Max's little body which suggested he had been beaten with the colander. He was taken into RSPCA care and after treating his injuries staff worked with Max to rebuild his shattered confidence and give him the veterinary care and kindness that he desperately needed and deserved. 

Max after fully recoveringThankfully, 18-months on - Max's life could not be further away from the terror of his former home as he is showered with love and kindness from his new owner James Taylor.

James fell in love with the little dog when they saw his profile at RSPCA York Animal Home last year (2020) and took him home during lockdown last summer.

James described how proud he is of his little dog that has made such a huge recovery and gained so much of his confidence back following his ordeal. 

James said:

I cannot believe how he has bounced back again. He is such a joy to be around.

We haven't been able to take him to many places because of lockdown but we did take him to a pub garden for the first time not long ago and he was just wonderful. He took it all in his stride and seemed to really enjoy himself. 

He is a wonderful companion to our other dog Amy and he has really helped her come out of her shell again after our last dog sadly died. 

I will always be so grateful to the RSPCA for saving Max and rescuing him from an awful situation. While he still has some issues caused by his injuries he is such a happy little dog. So well behaved and full of love, he is a wonderful companion. The staff and volunteers at York Animal Home really have worked wonders with him - and if I hadn't been told about what happened to him previously I'm not sure I would've guessed.

He described how Max now enjoys his days playing with toys, having snuggles on the sofa and taking lovely long walks in the countryside. 

James added:

Looking at Max now you would not know the trauma he has been through. He really has bounced back, he is such a resilient and chirpy little dog. The cheekiest and most loving character you could meet.

Cancel out cruelty

The RSPCA has launched a campaign to 'Cancel Out Cruelty' as figures show that the animal welfare charity has received almost 100,000 reports of intentional harm to an animal over the last five years. 

July is the RSPCA's busiest month for investigating cruelty cases like Max's and the charity is bracing itself for another busy summer saving animals from harm as the number of calls increases across the summer period. 

Last July (2020) officers dealt with a spike in intentional cruelty as 1,532 incidents were called through to their emergency helpline. 

Dermot Murphy, RSPCA Chief Inspectorate Officer said:

It is incredibly worrying that still in 2021 we are seeing this high level of cruelty towards animals. The scale of this issue is disturbing and the level of cruelty our officers are seeing on the frontline everyday goes up in the summertime.

With the help of the Great British public we hope we can Cancel Out Cruelty and help more animals like Max.

The RSPCA's rescue teams need support to stay out on the frontline as the only charity rescuing animals and investigating cruelty. 

  • £6 could help pay to feed a dog for a day in our care
  • £10 could help pay towards bandages for a cat or dog
  • £15 could help pay for a cat or dog's clinical exam
  • £20 could help pay towards a bird catching kit
  • £30 could help pay for a life jacket for an inspector
  • £100 could help pay towards water rescue equipment
  • £500 could kit out a 4x4 inspector van

Donate to the Cancel Out Cruelty campaign and help us continue to rescue animals in need.

You can also help Cancel Out Cruelty by volunteering for us, becoming a campaigner to help us change the law for animals for the better, by becoming a fundraiser for the RSPCA, by learning more about animals through our Compassionate Families programme, buying a Cancel Out Cruelty T-shirt and showing it off on social media, or by pledging to help animals in other ways, such as learning more about your pets' needs, or learning how to help wildlife.