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Igloo Books

Buttercup Farm Friends Best of Friends bookOur lovable Buttercup Farm friends characters appear in their own series of books thanks to our licensing partner Igloo Books.

The books follow the story of Rufus the dog and Ruby the cat. After we find them a home together on Buttercup Farm, the pair have lots of fun meeting all the other animals and exploring their forever home.

The series includes:

  • Best Of Friends, a rhyming story that reveals how Rufus and Ruby became best friends
  • A fun novelty book featuring lots of elements to pull, push and slide called Who Lives On Buttercup Farm?
  • A giant sticker and activity book packed with games and activities, plus over 500 stickers and press outs.

Ellen Camillin, Licencing Manager for the RSPCA, said:

Autumn Publishing has produced a beautifully illustrated range of books for children based on our Buttercup Farm Friends characters. We love that the touching tale of Rufus, Ruby and all their friends, encourages children to learn about the needs of animals through storytelling.

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