How to make homemade sushi for your guinea pig or rabbit

How to make homemade sushi for your guinea pig or rabbit

This guinea pig appreciation day, why not get messy with some home-made guinea pig sushi! A DIY project can be fun for the whole family (and your pet!) especially when the project is a tasty snack for your furry friends!

DIY Sushi guinea pig or rabbit food

You will need:

  • A courgette
  • Yellow bell pepper
  • Strawberries (two)
  • An apple
  • A leafy green (cabbage, kale, broccoli or parsley)
  • Mint
  • A knife
  • A peeler


Step 1: Slice the courgette into wide strips. We recommend two!

Step 2: Make a small slice at either end of a courgette slice (the top of one end and at the bottom of the other).

Step 3: Slot the ends of the courgette slice into each other to make a circle shape. Do this for as many pieces of sushi you would like to make.

Step 4: Leave the sushi cases at one side and begin slicing the pepper into small strips.

Step 5: Now, slice some apple, making sure to de-seed and peel.

Step 6: Next you can begin slicing the strawberries into small chunks.

Step 7: Now that you have chopped your fruit and veg, you can begin arranging your sushi. Simply add the peppers, apple and strawberry into the courgette circles that you made earlier.

Step 8:  For extra decoration, slice your leafy greens (we recommend cabbage, kale, broccoli or parsley) and tuck into the side of your sushi cases.

Step 9:  Finally, garnish with mint!

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