Eyal Booker gives us the seal of approval for helping wildlife 

Eyal Booker gives us the seal of approval for helping wildlife 

RSPCA Ambassador, model and reality TV star Eyal Booker visited our East Winch Wildlife Centre in Norfolk where he helped release seals back to the wild...

Eyal is a huge animal-lover and was invited to our East Winch Wildlife Centre for a behind the scenes tour and to learn more about our important wildlife rescue work.

Eyal helped with the release of six seals

Eyal also joined the wildlife team at a location near Sutton Bridge where he helped release six common seals, who had been rehabilitated by our hard-working centre staff.

The seals included Wraith, Mermaid, Brownie, Predator, Valkyries and Stig who had all been rescued from locations across East Anglia when they were just pups.

All the seals had been very sick, weak and underweight when they were rescued, but following weeks of rehabilitation at the centre, they were ready to be released back into the River Nene.

Eyal, who appeared in Love Island, helped to load the seals into our van before heading off to the river location where he and his father Adam helped to carry the seals down to the spot where they were released. Eyal said: 

My day with the RSPCA releasing the seals has been absolutely incredible. I didn't quite know what to expect when I signed up for it, I just knew that there were going to be seals involved and I have heard people talk about the RSPCA¿s seal release. But it has been more than I ever expected, to see them be rehabilitated to such a healthy and natural state, and to now be releasing them back into their natural habitat and seeing first-hand how they wobble out of the stretcher and slide into the river.

It's amazing and it goes to show the selflessness of the people at the RSPCA is incredible. Most of us don't think about seals, or them being injured, or needing to be nursed back to health, it's just been a really inspiring and beautiful day and I love the RSPCA even more for it.

Alison Charles, our centre manager, said:

It was great to have Eyal and his dad visit our centre and help to showcase the work that we do. He was a great help with the seal release and I am so glad that he enjoyed it. We all feel so privileged that we get to work with such amazing animals every day and it was nice to share this with Eyal and we¿re grateful that he took the time to come to see us.

How you can help

If anyone sees a seal that seems to be sick or injured they can call our helpline on 0300 1234 999 for advice. Please always monitor seals from a safe distance and never attempt to capture or handle an injured seal, or attempt to return a seal to the water. Seals haul out on beaches to rest and it¿s important that the public never approaches seals and that they keep any dogs well away and on a lead. Seals are wild animals and can have a nasty bite!

Find out more on what to do if you see a seal or pup in need of help

To help our hard-working team to continue rescuing, rehabilitating and releasing wild animals in desperate need of care please visit consider making a donation to animals in need.