Kind ways to save wildlife from litter

Kind ways to save wildlife from litter

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We get around 5,000 calls about litter a year - and sadly, wild animals are almost always the victims. Harmless objects can become lethal the moment you throw them away, causing choking, injury and even suffocation. So we've put together some tips about how to dispose of your rubbish safely and thoughtfully:


Balloons aren't fun for everyone: animals can eat them and choke on them. Help them out by not releasing them outdoors and by cutting them up before putting them in your bin.

Containers and cans

Sharp edges can cause nasty cuts and containers can trap animals inside them. Always clean and empty containers after you've used them, and crush them or cut them in half before recycling so animals are not tempted inside.

Elastic bands

Harmless as they seem, elastic bands can wrap around small animals' legs and necks, birds' beaks and can be eaten by other animals. It's best to reuse or pick up the bands - but if you're going to throw them away, make sure you cut them into pieces before you bin them.

Plastic bags

Simply tying a knot in the top of plastic bags before recycling can stop animals suffocating inside them.

Sky lanterns

They may look beautiful, but sky lanterns have an ugly side. They can cause serious harm to animals through ingestion, entanglement and of course fire. We strongly urge you to use alternatives like stationary candles and outdoor lights.

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