Giving wildlife a lifeline with Lucy Quinnel

Giving wildlife a lifeline with Lucy Quinnel


Lucy and her team in Surrey are doing everything they can to give their local woodland a voice. In this video, you'll see how she's worked relentlessly over the last 5 years to remove over 100 tonnes of litter from the area - giving the forest's fantastic variety of wildlife a chance to flourish, from badgers to bats, foxes to frogs.


Did you know?

Last year, we answered 5,081 calls about litter affecting over 1,200 swans, 1,400 geese and 100 foxes.

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Every year, kind donations help us bring wild animals back from the brink

We wanted to share three stories with you about the phenomenal difference our supporters are making to animals' lives.

Helpless hedgehog, Spike, trapped in an elastic band

A small hedgehog was injured after becoming entangled in a carelessly discarded elastic band. The band was so tightly wrapped around Spike that a deep cut had formed in his neck. But thanks to our supporters, we were able to take him in, clean his wound, treat him with some much-needed antibiotics and release him.

Hedgehog being held © RSPCA

Frisbee the seal found badly wounded on a beach

A grey seal was close to dying after she got caught in a frisbee while swimming. As she grew, the frisbee had started to constrict her neck, causing a very painful raw wound to develop through constant chafing. Thankfully, she was taken to our East Winch wildlife centre, where she's been given life-saving painkillers and injections, along with the care she needed to recuperate.

Seal on beach with frisbee round it's neck © RSPCA

Hazel and her orphaned siblings were left homeless

Dormice are classed as 'vulnerable to extinction' in the UK mainly due to the loss and fragmentation of woodland and hedgerows. A litter of dormouse pups were just days old when their home in a garden hedge was chopped down - separating them from their mother forever. They were left helpless and unable to look after themselves. But with the help of supporters like you, we managed to care for them and help them grow until they were old enough to be released back to the wild.

Dormouse in someone's hand © RSPCA
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