Edible artwork for birds

Edible artwork for birds

Get creative with the children in your life and show some kindness to local wildlife by making edible artwork for birds!

Hang the finished masterpiece somewhere outside where you can watch the different species of birds come to feast.  Which birds will you see?

What you will need:

  • A few pieces of wood or card
Bird icon
  • Some coloured pencils
  • Oil paint brushes
  • Vegetable fat
  • Small bird seed
  • A few thin twigs
  • Scissors
  • A hole puncher and string

How to make your DIY editable artwork

Step 1: Draw a simple picture on the card/wood - get creative!

Step 2: Punch two holes at the top of the picture and thread the string through the holes.

Step 3: Warm up the fat so that it is soft enough to paint with and pour over your picture. Make sure that you free up enough time and supervise always your children while they do this part.

Step 4: Next, sprinkle the small seeds over the wet fat and shake off the excess. You may need to do this several times as the fat will dry quickly.

Step 5: Once it is dry, make one or two holes in the card with scissors and stick the twigs through them to make bird perches.

Step 6: Hang your artwork out on a nice day and see if the local birds like your work! Remember, the artwork should not be re-used and will need disposing of carefully when the birds have eaten it.

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