Dachshunds through the snow: Can you help our centre care for nine Christmas pups? 

Dachshunds through the snow: Can you help our centre care for nine Christmas pups? 

Dasher, Dancer, Prancer, Vixen, Comet, Cupid, Donner, Blitzen and Rudolf need special food, toys and round-the-clock care - could you help?

Our dedicated staff are working around the clock to care for nine Dachshund puppies and their mum in the run-up to Christmas.

Miniature Dachshund Olive arrived in our care last month along with her nine three-week-old puppies who staff believe had been bred for sale as Christmas presents. The dogs were all signed over into our care and the pups - now six-weeks-old - are now preparing to go jingle all the way into their new homes.

Round-the-clock-care is needed for these small pups

Staff at our Halifax, Huddersfield, Bradford & District branch have been providing round-the-clock care to the young family and are now appealing to the public for help. Manager Julie Cockroft said:

We have to have one member of staff constantly allocated to these puppies as even the simplest of tasks - such as checking and cleaning their teeth - can take ages with nine wriggly, little puppies.

They need a lot of care and, also, a lot of specialist things, so if any members of the public are able to help by making donations or dropping off any useful items then that would be hugely helpful. We're particularly looking for puppy food and toys to keep them entertained. 

We're currently taking applications for these adorable little pups and we've been absolutely inundated with responses - with more than 500 coming into us in less than 24 hours, some from as far afield as Thailand!

If you'd like to apply for one of the pups, please check out their online profile and submit your application form before Saturday (7 December) at midnight.

The pups aren't yet ready to leave our care

Dasher, Dancer, Prancer, Vixen, Comet, Cupid, Donner, Blitzen and Rudolf are not yet ready to go to their new homes. Staff would like to get the rehoming process underway so that the pups can go to their new homes in the New Year. 

The centre has asked that members of the public remain patient as it'll take them some time to go through all of the applications and they may not be able to respond to everyone. Please do not call the centre to ask about the puppies as you may prevent an emergency call from coming in. Julia added:

We've only got nine puppies and we've already got hundreds of families who're interested and so we would love if people could look at some of the other dogs in our care who are also hoping to find their forever homes.

We have so many dogs who are ready to be loved right now

If you aren't matched with one of the puppies then please do consider their mum, Olive, or one of our other dogs such as Stella or Max.
We are always at a loss, and so your donation means so much.

While we do ask for an adoption donation for each of the dogs we rehome, we always end up at a loss - particularly with puppies who require a lot of specialist food, round-the-clock care and veterinary treatments. So if anyone would like to donate whatever they can spare to help cover our costs for caring for these puppies and all of the other animals we're helping in the run-up to Christmas and over the festive season, we'd be hugely grateful!

How you can help the animals in our care this winter

This winter, we expect to take in more than 10,000 animals in need across England & Wales. It costs around £670,000 to run one of our centres for a year. You can make a difference this Christmas season by donating to Stock the Sleigh and help animals in our care:

  1. £7 could keep an animal warm with a soft and cosy blanket.
  2. £15 could give the gift of comfort - a warm blanket, treats and toys.
  3. £25 could give the gift of safety - to help answer a phone call, provide a safe bed and food.
  4. £40 could give the gift of care - providing essential veterinary care and medicines.

Find out more about our Kindness at Christmas appeal.