null Here's how you can raise money for animals in need by doing your shopping

Here's how you can raise money for animals in need by doing your shopping

Jack Vickery, who works in our corporate fundraising team, shares his experience of fundraising for the RSPCA through using AmazonSmile.

Why do you support the RSPCA?

I've always been an animal lover. Being around animals my entire life has made me extremely passionate about animal welfare and I feel very fortunate to work for this charity.

Since starting work at the RSPCA this year, I've learnt so much more about the breadth of work that the RSPCA do. Lots of people know the RSPCA for just cats and dogs, but they also help so many other animals.

Our dedicated team actually rescue, rehabilitate and rehome wildlife and farm animals, as well as companion animals. Not many people realise that the RSPCA not only rehomes but also campaigns, educates and strives for a world that's kinder to animals in all ways.

How has AmazonSmile helped you raise funds?

AmazonSmile has to be the easiest way to fundraise. I first heard about AmazonSmile when I started working for the RSPCA. Ever since, whenever I shop on Amazon, I always use AmazonSmile to make a difference for animals.

It couldn't be easier, you simply sign into rather than, select your chosen charity, and from there on in, Amazon will donate 0.5% of the value of your purchases to your charity of choice.

You can now also turn on Smile on your mobile app, meaning that you can donate when shopping through the Amazon app on your mobile devices.

Have you seen how fundraising has helped the RSPCA first hand?

Working at the RSPCA can be hard as you are exposed to tragic stories of neglect regularly. However, it can also be so heartwarming when you hear stories of recovery or stories of generous members of the public donating money to protect animals.

Working in fundraising, I get to hear the stories of how donations can transform lives and every donation really does count. On AmazonSmile, I can track how much I have fundraised for the RSPCA and it's really nice to be able to see the funds build-up, knowing that it will make a real difference to an animal¿s life.

What's your advice to anyone who doesn't use AmazonSmile?

If you shop on Amazon, I'd say you should really switch and shop on AmazonSmile! Shopping through Smile will cost you nothing, but 0.5% of the value of your purchases will be donated to your charity of choice. It's really that easy.

AmazonSmile has raised £4.6 million for charities to date, and so every person signing up really does make a difference! My two top tips are: If you are using a web browser, always sign in through, not Remember, donations are only made when you sign in through Smile (perhaps bookmark it!). Secondly, set Smile to live on your mobile app.

If you would rather donate another way, you can help animals in need by donating today.

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