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Patrick Aryee

Patrick Ayree with a Bankhar puppy in Mongolia

Patrick Aryee is a wildlife documentarian and presenter for TV programmes such as 'Big Beasts: Last of the Giants' on Sky One and 'Super Senses' on BBC Two. Patrick is a regular contributor on The One Show and co-hosted Springwatch. 

Patrick says:

"I remember how proud I was of the RSPCA when I was growing up. Their campaigns are likely to have been the first time many of us realised there was a need to ensure the welfare of animals and to prevent them from being abused or abandoned.

"The RSPCA was always held in such high esteem not only in my school, but with kids around the country. I feel this is still the case today for animal lovers of all generations. With that in mind I can wholeheartedly say that it's an honour to now be part of the RSPCA family and I look forward to helping them spread their message of love and compassion."

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