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Maddi Waterhouse

Maddi says:

Maddi Waterhouse our Young RSPCA ambassador © Lauren Maccabee

"I'm 18 and soon going to be studying History of Art and Anthropology at SOAS University. I also sing and play guitar and I'm hoping to make music in the future.

"Since I was a child I've had a huge amount of love and respect for animals. I grew up looking after dogs, cats, rabbits and guinea pigs so naturally I'm super excited to have become an RSPCA ambassador!

"I'm passionate about animal welfare and I strongly believe every animal should have a chance at a happy life. All my family pets were adopted so I'm really happy to be supporting the RSPCA.

"I'm also a diver and a lover of the ocean so I'm hugely passionate about ocean preservation and the sea creatures that need protecting. I'm fascinated in the beauty and presence of whale sharks, I hope to see one someday!"

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