null Dara McAnulty - Young ambassador

Dara McAnulty - Young ambassador

RSPCA Young ambassador Dara McAanulty

Dara is a naturalist, conservationist and passionate advocate for wildlife. He writes an award-winning blog about his wild experiences, campaigning, fundraising and advocacy work. 

Over the past years, he has been awarded the BBC Springwatch 'Unsprung Hero' Award, Birdwatch Magazine 'Local Hero' and The Animal Hero Awards 'Young Animal Hero'. He dedicates all his spare time to speak up for wildlife, particularly persecuted birds of prey. In January 2018, he raised £6,000 to fund a satellite tagging project to combat raptor persecution.

His favourite animal is the incredibly beautiful and majestic Hen Harrier, a heavily persecuted bird of prey. He feels a deep love for this bird as it needs our help - it's critically endangered here in the UK.

Dara's biggest passion though is connecting young people with nature, he visits schools and speaks at conferences, sharing his passion and his vision for a more compassionate and humane society. Creating this society will mean a brighter future for everyone and our wonderful wildlife, too.

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