Watch our 2018 Christmas video

Watch our 2018 Christmas video

A little kindness

From a hedgehog looking to hibernate in the winter, to a nervous pet spooked by the scary sound of fireworks, caring for animals with kindness is the gift that can be given long after the stockings on the fireplace have been emptied...

How other RSPCA inspectors found their passion..

Inspector Michelle Charlton

As a child, I often brought stray dogs home! When I found a stray ferret, my dad took up the challenge and built a home in the garden shed and felicity ferret lived with us for years! I began volunteering at the kennels before becoming an auxiliary secretary. I got to see the love and care that the RSPCA gave the animals and also the happy endings. I knew I wanted to get involved and in 1985, I became an inspector!

Inspector Allison North

I started my first RSPCA project started when I was about 8. I created a 'magazine' which my dad photocopied at his work - I then sold copies to my neighbours and gave the proceeds to my local RSPCA centre! In my teens, I volunteered at the centre before volunteering as a home visitor. Later, after working in an unhappy job for 5 years, I decided to become an RSPCA inspector. I've been an inspector for the last 18 years!

Deliver kindness this Christmas

Find out how you can deliver kindness this Christmas by stocking our sleigh with gifts for the animals in our care...

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