Five minutes with... Liz Wood

Five minutes with... Liz Wood


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Deputy manager of Millbrook Animal Center

Liz Wood joined us as a volunteer 24 years ago and has been with us ever since. As deputy manager of our Millbrook Animal Center, she's helped rehabilitate and rehome hundreds of animals, including a loveable little collie called Ariel.

RSPCA Millbrook Deputy Manager Liz Wood

Q. What initially drew you to the RSPCA?

Liz. I just adore animals. I started volunteering for the RSPCA when I was 14 and have never looked back.

Q. What do you find most rewarding  about your job?

Liz. Seeing the animals being rehomed is a real joy - at that point you know they've recovered fully and are ready to start their new life.

Q. Tell us about one of the animals you've looked after.

Liz. We recently took in a very sweet collie called Ariel. She was dewormed and given some basic training, and she's now really happy in her new home.

Q. Do you own any pets yourself?

Liz. Three cats, two dogs and a couple of pet chickens. Many of them are animals that I took a shine to while working at the centre. But more often than not, they choose me!

Q. Is there anything you want to pass on to people who support the RSPCA?

Liz. I'd like to say a big thank you. We're hugely grateful that they're supporting our work and without them we simply wouldn't be able to care for the animals who need us.

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