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Emergency response

Emergency: Floods in Serbia

We need your help now.

Following the heaviest rainfall in a century, catastrophic floods have hit Serbia. Tens of thousands of people have lost their homes and properties. Many towns have been devastated and villages almost completely destroyed.

Although many of the human victims have been safely evacuated, large parts of the country are still under metres of water.

Thousands of animals in desperate need

Man carrying sheep in flood water ©

Serbia’s chief veterinary inspector confirmed thousands of animals have drowned or had to be destroyed following the catastrophe. However, many more have survived.


Now the priority of rescue teams is to deal with the thousands of farm animals and lost or abandoned pets across a vast area of the country. Farmers and rural households rely on animals as a source of income and food security.

We're responding with emergency aid to Serbian animal welfare organisation ORCA. They are working with the national farmers’ association to ensure vital animal feed and veterinary treatment reach those in greatest need.

Pig trapped in flood water ©

Many residents have escaped with their pets but have no way of keeping them in the emergency accommodation provided. ORCA is organising temporary kennels and catteries to house pets until they can be reunited with their owners and return to their normal lives.

Once the urgent relief effort is complete we - with our experience of flood response in England – will support ORCA in its work with the Serbian authorities. Helping to ensure animal rescue becomes an important part of the planning for responding to disasters in the future.

We need your help

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