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The RSPCA summer conference 2009, which was held in June, examined the affects climate change may have on animal welfare, and how we might meet those challenges.

The short flim below summarises some of the problems that animals will face as the climate changes in the coming decades.

Climate change: The impact on animal welfare

Although much research has been undertaken on the effects of climate change on environmental issues and bio-diversity, this conference is the first of its kind to concentrate on the impact on animal welfare.

As there are strong links between animal welfare, animal health, human welfare and the environment, it is essential that the potential effects on animals are considered.

Expert speakers examined predicted climate change issues, such as:

  • infectious diseases in pets

  • what climate change will mean for pet owners

  • how the UK's wildlife may be affected

  • what effects climate change will have on our current production procedures for farm animals

  • how we, as animal organisations and animal keepers, can prepare to deal with the consequences.

We hope to encourage more debate and research on these issues.

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