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Poem from a Supporter

Poems from one of our supporters : Teresa Harrison Best.

The Melanistic Feline

The Melanistic Panther is a beauty to behold.
His coat is black as ebony
but he’s always undersold.

Revered in Ancient Egypt,
and held in high esteem,
black cats were clearly cherished
and viewed as most supreme.

Charles the First adored them,
he claimed they brought him luck.
The day his treasured feline died
his fortunes came unstuck.

In Scotland they are welcomed
for fecundity and wealth.
Each maiden finds a suitor
so she’s not left on the shelf

With medieval claptrap,
and superstitious rot,
the black cat was the victim
and deserving, he was not!

Black cats are just adorable
as many would agree.
Their beauty is astounding
I know, as I have three!


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