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Junior membership for kids

The RSPCA’s junior membership makes a great gift for animal-loving kids.

Join a child now for £15* a year! 

Get six issues of our magazine animal action a year.

Kids get a fun welcome pack and six magazines a year full of news, stories, and activities. Junior membership is ideal for children aged between seven and 12. 

Lots to learn and do

There are regular features on pets and nature, and ideas of ways to help animals. And we’ve got a great online presence, Animal Action Park, with regularly updated stories and ideas to engage and excite under-12s.

A great birthday or Christmas gift

Any child that loves animals will be thrilled to get junior membership for their birthday or Christmas. And it lasts a whole year!

Join a child now for £15* a year — that’s just £1.25 a month!

*£22 for delivery outside the UK.