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Puppies aren't presents

Puppies aren't presents

Having a dog is an enormous responsibility, but every year, puppies are bought as Christmas presents and sadly, many puppies will end up in rescue centres or abandoned.

Many puppies are bred purely for profit and we believe that many puppy traders will be gearing up to cash in on present buying season. Lack of enforcement of the law at our borders makes it all too easy for puppy traders to make huge profits illegally trafficking large numbers of pure-bred and fashionable crossbreed puppies from other EU countries.

Help stop the puppy traders

Some puppies die in transit and many fall sick or die shortly after purchase, leaving their owners heartbroken and lumbered with huge vet bills.

Puppy traders often go to extreme lengths to make their illegal operations appear legitimate to unsuspecting buyers. Some rent houses to make it appear as if the puppies have grown up in a home environment, others post multiple adverts on internet listing sites while using separate mobile phones for each breed advertised to disguise the huge numbers they are selling.

Take action now by urging your MP to stand up for puppies, then spread the word that a puppy is #NotAPresent!


Adopt a puppy

Can you offer a forever home to a dog or puppy in our care?