Freedom Food

The RSPCA’s Freedom Food scheme – the charity dedicated to farm animal welfare – has launched a new website where you can find all the latest news and information.

Freedom Food © Freedom Food Photolibrary

When you see the Freedom Food label you know that animals have been kept to strict RSPCA welfare standards. The standards cover the whole of an animals’ life, not just their time on farm. A stimulating environment and plenty of room to move around are just two of the many benefits.

Freedom Food can also be an affordable ethical choice, as they approve indoor as well as free range and organic farms. So, make one small change to your shopping and one big change to farm animal welfare. Find out where to buy Freedom Food and get recipe ideas now.

Alternatively, if you are a farmer, find out about becoming a member. Or, if you are a restaurant or shop, find out how you can source Freedom Food.


Freedom Food review

The RSPCA has commissioned an independent, expert review of the farmed animal welfare assurance scheme, Freedom Food (FF).

Read it here: Freedom Food scheme review 2013 (PDF 274 KB)