Passion or compassion?

Diddordeb neu dosturi?

In this lesson students will consider their attitudes towards animals and their use in experiments. They will also learn about what animals are used and how many, the main areas of research and testing using animals, the level and nature of animal suffering involved, and the different views on animal experimentation in society. The What are the issues? and Animal engineering lessons build on the ideas introduced in this lesson.

Curriculum objectives

Students should learn:

  • to understand how and why animals are used in research and testing
  • to identify and discuss the ethical and welfare issues associated with animal use
  • to formulate their own opinions about animal experimentation issues
  • to recognise how attitudes may be affected by factors such as the species of animals and the nature of the research.

Animal welfare objectives

Students should learn:  

  • to understand that animals used in research and testing may suffer and to accept that there are legitimate concerns about their welfare
  • to recognise that experimental animals have intrinsic worth and are not expendable 'research tools'
  • to think about the breadth of uses that humans make of animals and consider the ethical and welfare issues involved.

Learning outcomes

At the end of this lesson:

  • most students will: understand that animal experiments are regulated by law and that animals may suffer a significant amount of pain and/or distress as a result of their use. Students know how many animals are used and in which areas of research and testing
  • some students have not made so much progress and will: understand that animals are used in experiments to try and answer a variety of questions, and that different people might have different opinions on whether it is acceptable to use animals
  • some students have progressed further and: can consider and reflect on their own attitudes towards the use of animals in various types of experiments, and can make reasoned arguments in support of their views.

Curriculum links