Get some Pet respect!


We are excited to announce the launch of our new interactive resource, designed especially for Key Stage 2 pupils!

Animal Action: Pet respect

Animal Action: Pet respect
features video and audio-led activities and is free to use for anyone with access to the internet.

It is suitable for use on interactive whiteboards and computers alike, so you can choose whether to tackle it together as a class or to challenge pupils alone or in pairs. 

For pupils...

Edcuation editor Liz Palmer demonstrating Pet Respect at The Education Show 2012

Pupils are set the challenge of editing their own 'e-zine' (online magazine) of Animal Action, and are asked to complete a series of tasks as research for their e-zine. 

Through these tasks, issues such as responsible pet ownership, pet overpopulation and exotic animals as pets are addressed. Once pupils have successfully completed the tasks, they can choose to print-out their copy of the e-zine for the world to see.

The resource is cross-curricular, but with strong links to literacy, and is a fun way of introducing the concepts of responsibility and value of life to young people.


For parents and teachers...

Linked to the English (and soon to be Welsh*) curriculum, Animal Action: Pet respect comes complete with teachers' notes and guidance for parents, so you know exactly what pupils are learning when they think they're playing!

We have already received much positive feedback from teachers - and parents - who have been introduced to the resource:

Animal Action: Pet respect - designing the cover of your e-zine

"I set my daughter off on her own with the e-zine last night. She absolutely loved it. 

She really liked the interfaces, graphics and whole idea of being part of the editorial team. The smartphones and tablet devices are a big hit, as are all the tasks.

It is engaging and, most importantly, draws in the children. She was able to recall key facts and figures, (not that I was testing her!) and wants another go tonight as she wasn't happy with her results in the matching activity."

- Paul, parent of year 6 student Niamh


More to come!

With one of three e-zines already available for young editors to work on, we will soon be announcing the launch of two more issues. Watch this space!

In the meantime, visit and get started!


 *Animal Action: Pet Respect will be available in the Welsh language by summer 2012.